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Skincare Glossary
  • Vivid H2O

    Physiological background and mechanism

    Moisture gives your skin plasticity and resilience and boosts cell turnover as well as epidermal barrier fortification. However, moisture is constantly lost through evaporation at the skin/atmosphere interface.

    In Vivid H2O, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Fig Polysaccharides create a rich surface water reservoir. NMF Amino Acids penetrate into the skin to attract water molecules from said surface reservoir (pull effect), replenishing moisture for an optimal metabolic activity in the epidermis. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Panthenol synergize the humectants with their water-loving properties, while promoting cellular renewal and antioxidative protection.

    • a powerful anti-inflammatory antioxidant
    • increases the water content in your skin by up to six times
    • promotes intense synthesis of skin lipids (ceramides, cholesterol, fatty acids), reinforcing the barrier function
    • enhances the metabolic activity stimulating a higher cell renewal rate
    • decreases hyperpigmentation
    • is converted into Vitamin B5 (active form) in your skin
    • stimulates epidermal turn-over, initiating skin healing and renewal, as shown in people having undergone skin transplantation or having been treated for burn injuries
    • a strong hydrator, Dexpanthenol intensely soothes dry and irritated skin
    • are key components of the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), a group of humectants naturally occurring in your skin. NMF are often missing in dry skin and are crucial in maintaining the metabolism, enzymatic activity, mechanical resistance, and the barrier function of the skin
    • draw water molecules from internal skin compartments and from the atmosphere to the upper skin layers, charging it with moisture and energy
    • a physiological polysaccharide most abundant in dermal layers; also present in the epidermis
    • a powerful humectant (a pinch of this macromolecule binds up to 1 l of water), imparting elasticity and fullness to your skin like no other
    • composed of a proprietary blend of high and medium molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid forming a rich moisture reservoir on your skin surface
    • luxurious, organic butter native to the Amazon rainforest
    • unique composition of phytosterols binds up to 440% of its own weight in water, providing deep hydration and replenishing barrier lipids
    • high concentration of antioxidative phenols strengthens your skin’s UV-defense
    • contain concentrated water-loving polysaccharides (= botanical Hyaluronic Acid)
    • create - in conjunction with Hyaluronic Acid - a sumptuous 3-dimensional moisture matrix on your skin
    • enriched with Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, free amino acids and essential minerals, these two botanical extracts nurture your skin with a superfood combination
  • Pines & Purity

    Physiological background and mechanism

    The forming of impurities are attributable to four main causes: [1] Excess sebum production in the sebaceous glands and [2] hyperproliferation (dysregulated excess epidermal cell growth) lead to clogged pores and the forming of comedones. [3] Bacteria such as P. acnes colonize and thrive in the lipid-rich environment of the inflamed lesions, [4] exacerbating the inflammatory cascade. Taken together, acne and impurities are an inflammatory skin disorder with lesional manifestations ranging from blackheads to deep, painful cysts.

    Pines & Purity is a targeted treatment fighting every step in this inflammatory cascade. The multi-functional active ingredients inhibit excessive sebum production, normalize cell growth and fight bacterial superinfection.

    • a novel, biopharmaceutically enhanced form of Azelaic Acid
    • a real hero ingredient with a multitude of effects: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial
    • normalizes hyperkeratinization (dysregulated excess epidermal cell growth that leads to clogged pores)
    • combination of zinc and pyrrolidone carboxylic acid (PCA, a natural moisturizing factor)
    • a co-factor of antioxidant enzymes, protecting against free radicals and preventing inflammatory exacerbation
    • regulates lipid production in the sebaceous glands and unclogs pores
    • influences cell turn-over, thus promoting skin regeneration
    • antioxidative and anti-inflammatory polyphenols calm and break inflammatory cycle
    • strengthens your skin’s immune system and fortifies antibacterial defense
    • ancient anti-infectious remedy
    • normalizes excessive lipid production in the sebaceous glands, tuning down the inflammatory cascade
    • belongs to the botanical order Pinales and gives the serum an invigorating note - as well as its name Pines & Purity
    • contains high amounts of antibacterial Lauric Acid
    • unique sensory properties: upon touch, the oil melts on your skin creating a velvety feel - a multitasker for blemished and inflamed skin. Even troubled skin needs lipids. With Babassu Oil we make sure, your skin gets the right ones!
  • Glacial Radiance

    Physiological background and mechanism

    The whole spectrum of sunlight, particularly UV radiation, induces the formation of free radicals, DNA-damage and inflammation. These events trigger excess melanin production resulting in an irregular skin pigmentation. Other causes include hormonal changes (after pregnancy, influences of hormonal contraception, etc.) and environmental pollutants (fine particles released from combustion).

    Antioxidants are the essential hero ingredients when it comes to UV-protection, brightening and harmonizing the complexion. Capitalizing on nature's antioxidative arsenal - polyphenols and vitamin C – Glacial Radiance tackles this very complex skin condition.

    • a new, innovative, hydro-active form of vitamin C with an excellent stability profile
    • activates enzymes of collagen synthesis
    • essential network antioxidant (in conjunction with Vitamin E, Ubiquinol, Glutathione etc.) for free radical defense
    • fades pigment spots by inhibiting tyrosinase (key enzyme of melanin production)
    • a biologically optimized form of the naturally occurring alkylresorcinols. This substance class can be found in grains such as wheat, rye, triticale and barley
    • fades pigment spots and discolorations by inhibiting tyrosinase (key enzyme of melanin production)
    • suppresses the migration of dark pigments to upper skin layers
    • a strong antioxidant, reducing inflammation and mitigating DNA-damage
    • contains Polyphenols that enhance your skin's natural UV-defense system
    • boosts the activity of Glutathione (a vital physiological antioxidant), to suppress the maturation of melanin, preventing the buildup of new pigment spots
    • contains Flavonoids, a highly active group of Polyphenols that down-regulate photo-induced inflammatory reactions
    • helps to prevent pigment formation by inhibiting tyrosinase (key enzyme of melanin production)
  • Mask to Reveal

    Physiological background and mechanism

    Every day, your skin undergoes a metamorphosis without you even noticing: On the surface, the protein anchoring between old dead cells are loosened. Those cells are shed and replaced by new, vital ones that derive from stem cells in the deeper layers of the epidermis and have migrated to the surface.

    Yet, as we age this process slows down. As a result, the skin becomes rough and dry, dulling the complexion. Pores can be enlarged and the absorption capacity for active ingredients rapidly drops. Therefore, next to hydration, exfoliation is an essential step in any skin care ritual.

    • Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA); allowing gentle and prolonged exfoliative action due to its high molecular weight
    • lipophilic character allows Mandelic Acid to penetrate into sebaceous glands, reducing lipid production to clarify skin impurities
    • interferes with the melanin signaling pathway, lightening skin pigmentation
    • a Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA) and a natural derivative of glucose
    • diffuses more slowly into the skin due to its high molecular weight, providing very gentle, yet effective exfoliation. Polyhydroxy Acids are a true benefit, especially for sensitive skin
    • a multitasker containing a plethora of goodness: Fruit Acids, Vitamin C and Flavonoids (polyphenols) for a triple effect: peeling, repair and protection
    • Fruit Acids boost the exfoliative power of Mandelic acid and Gluconolactone
    • Vitamin C and Flavonoids stimulate cellular repair and quench free radicals
    • a cold-pressed oil native to India and the Asia-Pacific region
    • smooth and soft in consistency, the oil melts instantly upon touch and seals in moisture for a plump and luscious skin feel
    • very rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic acid), providing the building blocks for ceramides and fortifying the skin's barrier function


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